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A gallery of some of our work done. Please click on a picture to see a larger image.

Back yard intergration Stratus with White accents

Brownstone with Saddlebrown accents

Brown Earth tones

Brown/Yellow combination

Garage Guru color combinations are endless

Window inserts and colored overheads

Autumn Tan concrete board siding

Reverse gable/ Regetta Blue siding

Guru Garage with sunroom

Guru colors. Gurus Garage

craning rafters

Stucco finishes any Texture any Style

Stucco finishes any color

Synthetic Roof Shield to entire roof

Concrete Driveways of Any size!

Garage Gurus

Canadian made premium quality Mitten siding. installed with precision

professional Gurus with years of experience

We will integrate your garage into the space provided.

22x22 with white popcorn stucco

Any option you desire

Iron Grey Hardie siding, 12x7 sandstone overhead

22x22 side asphalt driveway

backyard integration including new gazebo

14x22 single, perpendicular to lane, frost siding

24x22 offset overhead, marmalade stucco

engineered roof system

Garage Gurus


24X24 w/cedar siding

garage with carport/patio

24x24 with loft

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus


Making the decision to start a major home project can be stressful. Knowing nothing about garages I began gathering quotes and talking to others who had built garages, including Terry's customers. At the end of it all I expected to have a garage, but I was surprised by how nice it was and how it actually transformed my existing yard into a space I enjoy using. Throughout the build, Terry was always willing to answer questions and concerns promptly. My neighbors took note of how efficient and considerate the tradespeople were during the build process. Thanks Terry for my beautiful garage.

Elaine Campbell